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Articles > Focus > Innovation Sky: the Global Innovation Radar watching to the Mobile World Congress

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Innovation Sky: the Global Innovation Radar watching to the Mobile World Congress

Created on 2012/2/24 | Update 2012/2/25 | 3010 reads
Innovation Sky: the Global Innovation Radar watching to the Mobile World Congress

In the Mobile World Congress, the world fair in the field of mobile technologies, held in Barcelona from February 27 to March 1, 2012,  Media Haka, a  Catalan Tactical Media Company, presents Innovation Sky, an advanced communication model for  exchange networks and stimulate connections between the innovation actors. The tool is composed by ten web platforms, daily updated, translated in 8 languages, highly connected to the major social networking platforms.


by Monica Mureddu / @promonic



Innovation Sky



Innovation Sky is a tool of advanced communication model composed by ten platforms on innovation related themes, translated in 8 languages, daily updated. A cross-media info-marketing tool (text, audio, video, photos, slides, bookmarking, microblogging, geolocative technologies, alternate reality) developed on the major social networking platforms.


The model consists in

- Digital Identity: Creation and Optimization;

- Social Media Dashboard: custom interface for the complete management of the digital identity;
- Innovation Journalism: web 2.0 communication;

- Instant Viralization: live-broadcasting, production and dissemination of real-time multimedia contents optimized for web interaction.


Designed for

Organizations, Events, Technology Parks, Clusters



- Winner of the EBN DigBic Award in the category "Creative Marketing breaking the rules fast."(2011, 15-17 June Toulone)
- Presented at EU Global Forum focused the digital future of Europe. (2011, 7-8 November Brussels).







Innovation Sky (Beta testing) is powered by Media Haka

About Media Haka

Media Haka is a Tactical Media Company active in the creative industries innovation sector, they develop services and products designed to build networks of exchange and stimulate connections between the nodes of the global innovation ecosystem. Through multi-languange Cross-Media Publishing platforms,  Media Haka spread out the voice of of complex systems. Media Haka offers models to: Innovation Networks, Clusters, Technology Parks, University Business Innovative Spin-Off, Public/Private Organizations, Research Centres. Read More


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