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Articles > Focus > Bazinga! where Start-Up do start in Palestine

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Bazinga! where Start-Up do start in Palestine

Created on 2012/2/24 | Update 2012/3/4 | 1705 reads
Bazinga! where Start-Up do start in Palestine

Bazinga! is a startup catalyst that facilitates the process of building a startup in Palestine by providing entrepreneurs with an innovative physical coworking space, an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs, network of mentors and tech gadgets for people to have the platform to develop for.  In the long term, Bazinga! vision is to do the same in the Arab world.

Bazinga! also will be a platform for the diverse communities that are forming in Palestine, it is for very early-stage (1-6 team members) technology and online media start-ups. They focus on companies involved in Mobile and Tablets apps, content providers, consumer applications, online-video, games development, social gaming, social-media, Kinect optimization, e-commerce, and online-advertising.


Bazinga! will provide a physical coworking space with all the facilities that accompany it, an online platform featuring entrepreneurs in Palestine, mentorship from experienced executives, technical workshops , a library, publications, hardware platforms, technical gadgets and best of all an ambitious, creative, curious and fun environment to take on the world.


They believe in working with a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness, respect and tolerance and we are making a statement that all entrepreneurs can succeed if they are relentless, passionate and have an eagerness to learn. They hope to present an example of an independent startup. You just need an idea, a supportive environment and the execution of tenacious entrepreneurs. This is important especially in the context of Palestine.


Bazinga! will also work on connecting Palestinian entrepreneurs with each others and others around the globe. By building a Web platform where they can login and find people with specific expertise and perhaps even their next co-founder. In addition to showcasing, these entrepreneurs to the whole world to try and push others who are still hiding in their shells to unleash the entrepreneur inside themselves.


Bazinga! will bring quality trainers and coaches to help host different workshops and courses to help build a great knowledge base for the entrepreneurs and helping them finding their interests. Members will enjoy the discounts off the paid courses/workshops.

Besides Gemzo Suites                                                                                                     Al Beireh, Palestine

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